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A very warm welcome to A-Jane Art

If you are looking for a unique, lovingly created portrait of your pet, then you have certainly come to the right place.

A-Jane Art specializes in hand drawn pet portraiture using traditional art techniques and can be created from your supplied photographs.

Jane’s work has been recognized internationally.

A-Jane art always donates 10% of profits to animal charities and with over 30 years experience and a  lifetime passion for animals, you can be confident that A-Jane Art will provide you a portrait and professional level of service second to none.

Jane studied art for 5 years after High School and gained a Fine Art degree back in 1990 at De Montfort University in Leicester. Before that Jane completed a 2 year Art and Design BTEC Diploma at Worcester technical College. After her degree Jane went on to train as a Primary school teacher.

Jane always donates 10% of any profit on any sales to animal charities. She see it as a way of making a small difference to help animals who through no fault of their own are becoming endangered or are in need of support and care.

If you would like to get in touch about a commission for a portrait of your pet please contact Jane to arrange a chat so that she can answer any questions that you may have.

Susan - Spring Sheep

Susan is a very large drawing of a life sized Zealandia Dairy breed sheep commissioned to hang in the company’s office. The Zealandia sheep are an elite milking breed from New Zealand.
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"I love animals and I love art so for me when I’m in front of my drawing board and I can smell the wood of my pencils I’m totally in my happy zone and hours can pass without me noticing. Just me and the image of your pet who I get to know so well with every detail I draw and whose personality and soul sings out through their eyes. I absolutely love to capture the personalities of animals when I draw them and seeing your beloved pet come to life as I draw them is extremely fulfilling."